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Michelle K. Grening’s success isn’t just about “what” she does, it’s also about “how” she gets it done – with rock solid competence, fierce negotiating skill and a proven understanding for the importance of having some fun along the way. Year-after-year, since launching her realtor career in 2004, Michelle has been consistently honored with a stack of customer satisfaction awards. This is because Michelle quickly assess individual needs and is intensely focused on creating an efficient path to your success. As her clients can attest, Michelle provides personalized VIP service, keen support and relentless oversight throughout the real estate process. She’s led transactions from every corner of the metropolitan Phoenix area, and worked with diverse clients ranging from retired military families, to busy professionals, international travelers … and all types of people looking to buy or sell a home. One attribute those who work with her share is an appreciation for “how” Michelle gets the job done right.


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